Pure Soy Wood Wick Candles and Luxury Skincare. Affordable simple luxuries for every day use, made with intention and a little magic.

We design and hand pour candles and personal care products in small craft batches using amazing ingredients. We formulate our recipes to provide unique and unexpected scent combinations. Little things that make everyday lux.

We use 100% Soy wax grown right here in the Midwest on family farms with responsible and sustainable farming practices.

Our skin care products are made by hand with responsibly sourced ingredients and bases. We never use phthalates or mass harvested palm containing products. Our ingredients and bases are eco-friendly and from renewable resources.

Our candles are lit with patented Lumetique Wooden Wicks made from responsibly harvested and replanted native USA fruit trees and never treated with chemicals.

Our jars are supplied to us through family business’s in PA and TN, suitable for your reuse after your candle is melted.

We make our creations in a calm and loving environment with happy intentions all around us, your candle was born to a loving family before it came to you to ensure only good vibes when you enjoy it!!

We keep our packaging, labeling and shipping supplies simple and reusable, allowing us to provide a lux product at a lower price point for you. Simple Luxuries, it’s what we’ve always been about.